Wednesday, November 16, 2016

16 November – I’m still alive and paddling.

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After a month long break, I’m back on the water. I did do a couple of trips to a favorite spot but didn’t post the results. I have to keep a few spots to myself. It was to beautiful to stay inside today and I haven’t been to West Neck in six months or so and today looked like a good day to give it a try. Obviously I haven’t been missing much because from the dock talk as I launched and how the day went it’s been slow on West Neck Creek. I started the day with a dead battery on the rear camera and had to switch it to the front to make at least a halfway decent video. Next the depth finder died, apparently another dead battery. By the time I was on the water things were not looking very good, then on the tenth cast or so, a nice 1-12 was landed on the 3BD so maybe the outing will be a success after all. I should be so lucky. For the next three hours it was two dink bass and a dink pickerel, not the best but it beats a skunk. I might try another trip if I feel in the mood the weather co-operates, but look for a yearend blog entry around New Years. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for watching. 

HD trip video is on my YouTube Channel.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

19 October – Why you should watch your topwater baits.

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I’ve been getting reports of some good action on Lake Tecumseh this week so I loaded up and was on the lake by 8:30. It was a case of “You should have been here yesterday” and I never had a tap for the first 2 hours. I tried all sorts of baits including top water, wake baits, spoons, and plastics and finally got a good pickup which landed a 3-8 bass. Things were looking up. An hour later a dink ingested the Whopper Plopper and that was it bass wise for the day. Only other action today was a bluegill on a 3DS. Anyway, the three pounder made the trip worthwhile.

About thirty minutes into the morning I was throwing a big Strike King 4” Wake Shad when an Osprey tried to grab it but I was able to jerk it away at the last minute. About a year ago I had a Kingfishers try to get a Pop-R and he was so persistent I had to quit using it, but this was the first time an Osprey dove on my bait. If I hadn’t been watching it could have been a nasty mess.

To close for comfort.

The hurricane damage to the lake was extensive. There is a 10 – 20 foot strip of rotting grass that was blown up on the southern shore and has begun to stink to high heaven.  I’m afraid it will be spring before that shoreline will be fishable again. The edge of the mat is fishable but the smell will deter some folks. The rail tram that lifts boats into the lake from the canal can't be used. It's under a ton of grass. Things are tough all over.    

Now that's attitude!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

13 October – Conditions still bad, almost got skunked.

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The weather was perfect today, but that was the only thing that was. The storm really trashed House Cove. The Milfoil was all torn up, tree branches and trash were everywhere, water color was muddy, and the level was high and rising. Strangely enough, the river gauge was falling. Can’t figure that one out. I tried all my favorite lures, the plopper, a monster wakebait, Swimming Senko, silver minnow, and final got bite number one on a Strike King Shadalicious. That one fish saved a skunk and it was a good one weighing in at 2-7. To bad there wasn’t a few more like hm. After two more futile hours of casting I called it quits. I think I’ll revert to photography for the next few days until I hear people are catching some decent fish again.

HD trip video is on my YouTube Channel.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

11 October – Weather great, water nasty.

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I just had to see if Beggars Bridge Creek had survived the hurricane and if there was any of that good grass left. Launching about 8, I paddled straight to the bay with a quick stop on a known producing point to try out the big wake bait. On the second cast something made a pass and missed, so I followed up with the Senko and landed a dink. Skunk averted. Out on the bay the grass was still in pretty good shape and the wind was light. It was a gorgeous day, a big improvement over the last week. The water however was muddy and nasty looking with a lot of floating trash. Guess I should have expected that. Anyway, I worked the weed line with plastics, a Shadalicious Minnow and a Silver Minnow. Today they wanted it low and slow, no top water takers. I tried the Plopper and monster wake bait but mostly got fouled in grass so I reverted to the weedless lures. The day ended with 6 bass boated, biggest only 1-11, but a fun day that scratched the cabin fever itch. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I can find some bigger fish. 
Strike King 4” Wake Shad (Gizzard Shad)

HD trip video is on my YouTube Channel.